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Executive Director 

Executive Director of Melody of Life FoundationI’m the Founder and Executive Director of Melody of Life Foundation. We offer proven and recommended treatment which insurance doesn’t cover to people diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS)Melody of Life Foundation

While being diagnosed with MS on May 30, 2014, I instantly saw the positive side of things and all the possibilities. Battling various symptoms, I continue to move forward choosing to live a life of purpose rather than being a victim.

I’ve had MS since early 2004 and since then, I accomplished a lot. Read my about page to learn more about me other than Melody of Life and my MS.


Lucas J. Robak - AuthorMy books: Master Your Life using Transformational Quotes Workbook SeriesI AM – Children’s Book for Positive Thinkers and The Change – Insights Into Self-Empowerment have been acknowledged as possibly some of the best unknown personal development books. Lucas J. Robak - Author

Use the power that lies within my books and other products to propel you into your dream life. When you realize how great they are, access my media kit to promote them to others!

Even though me English aint not been so good, I love to write and add value to mass amounts of people. Read my blog, check out my books, and transform your life with my interviews and the other articles I have written.


Workshop Facilitator

Lucas J. Robak - Workshop FacilitatorWhen you attend interactive workshops, the value received comes from working in small and large groups to satisfy your agenda. Each workshop I facilitate is laid out for you to create the life you were meant to live. Lucas J. Robak - Workshop Facilitator

Passion to Action Workshops has over 16 classes and modules. This workshop is the big umbrella which covers the other two workshops and all the trainings.

Goal Creation Workshops uses techniques which derives from the study of excellence and how you can emulate it. We’ve all heard of SMART goals, this workshop uses techniques and tools you’ll never get from studying SMART goals.

Master Your Life using Transformational Quotes Workshops use my workbook series for you to begin applying successful knowledge to the context of your own life.


Lucas J. Robak - TrainerIf you want to become a better communicator with yourself and others, increase your sales, or become a better teacher, mentor, and/or coach, Awakening Mindful Skillsets (AMS) has your training.. 
Lucas J. Robak - Trainer

I conduct two trainings which can build upon each other fabulously. Each training uses the same science but in a different context.

If you use verbal communication or in sales (which we all are), our Subconscious Sales Model is for you! If you figured out there is more to life than what you are currently living, our Transformational Quotes Workshop will take you to where you want to go!


Lucas J. Robak - SpeakerNaturally, I was drawn to speaking after defining my life purpose.  By actively being the person I wished I had in my life growing up, I use my stories of overcoming adversity through belief, desire, and motivation.  

Become inspired from my heart spinning metaphors, jokes, and actions. Check out my Curriculum Vitae (CV).Lucas J. Robak - Speaker

Using stories of personal experiences, and lessons learned, I can customize the material to compliment your target audience; from children to retirement living, all those who want to improve their life. 

Transform your life by integrating how I went from angry and depressed to extraordinarily passionate and purposeful. Begin to turn life’s most negative situations into undeniable desires. I overcame a multitude of adversities which you will develop the mindset to do as well.