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Lucas J. Robak | Anything I Can Do You Can Do Better!

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Lucas Robak is a
#1 Bestselling Author,
Authorpreneur Consultant,
& Wellness Leader!

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Reviews and Endorsements


Non-stop fun, learning, and camaraderie. This is the most incredible weekend conference I have ever attended. Everything I needed to learn to become a Best Selling Author in easy-to-understand steps. It provided me clear direction and what, when and how to live my dream. The atmosphere was friendly and supportive. Lucas was completely organized and get everybody in stitches. Subtle and not-so-subtle motivational techniques. I was completely overwhelmed and left the weekend ready to get started on my path to becoming a #1 International Best Selling Author.
– Dr. Anthony Piparo #1 International Bestselling Author


Lucas understands the power of having a book you have authored. You now are not only percieved as the expert…you are the expert…you will position yourself in the top 1% of your field. Image that out come…write your book with Lucas.
– Thomas GinnThinking Into Results Consultant


Jim Lutes and I are both proud to have Lucas as a contributing co-author in The Change book series. Lucas’s contribution is thought-provoking and insightful. His courage when faced with life-challenges is amazing.
– Jim Britt New York Times Bestselling Author


Lucas did an excellent job presenting his material. He mixed in personal experiences and humor to show how effectively the process works. I found myself totally focused on the powerpoint information. There was a lot to absorb and I can honestly say, it was well worth it.
– Greg Adlington President of Next Gen Commercial, LLC.


If you’re looking to become an author, [Lucas] will give you a roadmap for a successful launch and give you actionable advice and guidance.
– David Wallace Selling to Zebras Consultant


I would recommend that anyone who is serious about writing a book should take advantage of all the great information Lucas has. I really liked the hand outs and additional addons used to support the course materiel. Along with how to properly organize the lay out of a book and how to use the book to get interviews with people we want to meet. I would highly recamend [Lucas] for any want to be authors.
– Mike Raber Entrepreneur and #1 Bestselling Author


Jam-packed with expert advice and valuable information that I can use to make the book a life long marketing tool to see myself and my services. This will help people to see me as an expert in my field and I’m certain it will allow me to charge what I truly deserve for my services. [Lucas] is a great tool to keep you on track with what needs to get done and in what order. There is a lot of valuable information packed into this course from figuring out why you are writing a book, to great advise on how to make a compelling title. [He] included easily customizable letters and forms that saved a lot of time.
– Stacy Kaat Photographer and #1 Bestselling Author


[His] course is set up as a very nice step by step how to create your own book to boost your sales. [He] This weekend brought inspiration, networking and education all wrapped into one.
– Nancy Lucchesi App Designer and #1 Bestselling Author


I was impressed with Lucas Robak. His knowledge and passion were very apparent in his presentation. He was able to keep us all sitting on the edge of our seats waiting for him to flip the pages on his easel. Lucas has that rare ability to engage his audience and stimulate them to participate in his presentation.
– Kathy Sokolowicz Workshop Attendee


Lucas has a wealth of knowledge and experience from many business and personal situations. He has keen insight that helps to focus on the real issue and offers options for solutions.
– Robert Matuszak Author and Grief Coach


Lucas is masterful at sharing his abundant wisdom to assist others in their lives.
– Diane Bloom Business Owner


Lucas is knowledgeable and committed to your success.
– Erica Mills Coach and Yoga Instructor


Lucas is an exceptionally gifted person who knows how to make the world rock! If you’ve been wanting to write a book, Lucas is the coach you want to guide you. He is a prolific writer himself. He’s figured out how to do the writing, publishing, and marketing aspects so you don’t have to! He’s so good at what he does he’s my coach – I’m working on 3 different books with him. You should be working with Lucas to showcase your expertise as well to grow your business!
– Maggie Mongan Entrepreneur and #1 Amazon Kindle Bestselling Author


Lucas connects with people because of his huge heart and vision. And he connects people to each other. He’s an inspiring person and leader.
– Anne Uemura Author and Coach


Gifted author and determined entrepreneur! Highly recommend Lucas!
– Jennifer Ritchie Payette Author and Coach


Lucas is an outstanding individual! His energy and outlook are contagious. He is incredibly knowledgeable and willing to share that knowledge and his story to inspire others.
– Jennifer Miller Photographer


Become a published Author, contact Lucas Robak! Join a health & wellness community, contact Lucas Robak! Engage in positive self-development via NLP, contact Lucas Robak! Lucas is a professional who is passionate about what he does…contact Lucas Robak!
– Keith Klein Author and Web Developer


Lucas is a smart, passionate entrepreneur that I’m excited to work with on my future book!
– Rachel Howe Social Media Manager


Lucas is an extremely connected person and is very generous with knowledge sharing and referrals. He always seems to have something brewing!
– Jamie Shibley Owner of The Cardcierege, LLC.


Lucas did an amazing job speaking to my group. The room was packed and his message resonated with all of us. It was very inspiring and motivating to listen to his presentation. He brings a ton of experience and knowledge to the table, and I look forward to working with him again soon. Thanks again, Lucas!
– Dr. Nick Albert Business Owner and Chiropractor


Lucas is an amazing facilitator/teacher and stands out to me as a leader who will be helping create positive changes in the lives of many. I highly recommend his workshops.
– Cat Wilson Director of Operations a Be and Be Well


People in the Wisconsin area are fortunate enough to have Lucas Robak right here in our back yard. I saw Lucas speak at a recent Wisconsin Business Owners event on applying NLP to the sales process and I am confident that Lucas could help anyone apply NLP concepts to improve any aspect of their lives they wish to focus on.
– Ron Chandler Author, Speaker, Wealth Management, and Serial Entrepreneur


Lucas has a fantastic skill with the written word that can improve personal development and empower behavioral skills. His children’s book “I Am” is an excellent example of his talent to use just the right words that can be influential to readers of all ages.
– Sandy Faust Retired Editor


Lucas Robak is a talented author, and NLP Practitioner. He is an active member of the Milwaukee Writer’s Circle. I have a copy of his first book, “I AM – Children’s Book for Positive Thinkers” I’ve previewed his latest book “101 Inspirational Quotes Workbook. I am excited to be able to have my own copy in my hands soon. I wholeheartedly recommend Lucas as he is a passionate person and totally committed to helping human kind reach self-actualization.
– Heddy Keith Author and Hypnotist


Lucas is laser sharp focussed on success. He lives it breathes it and succeeds it.
– Kim Hall Writer and Wellness Catalyst


Can’t wait to see Lucas Robak speak again!
– Daniel Breitbach IT Consultant


Excellent. Lucas has done the work needed to move forward in a career of transforming people’s lives.
– Mark Magnus Accountant and Private Investor


Great presentation and information to get new thoughts going. Thank you Lucas for sharing with us.
– Claudia Howard Retired Leadership Coach

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Lucas J. Robak | Anything I Can Do, You Can Do Better!