Have you ever started a project with someone and then realize you’re the one doing all the work?

Or have your noticed that someone isn’t doing what they promised unless you continue contacting them and holding their hand to get it done?

It’s frustrating isn’t it?

2017 was the year where I woke up to the difference between someone who is 99% committed versus someone who is 100% committed.

It wasn’t a fun wake up call but it was a learning lesson I’ll take with me forever.

100% Committed

In early August I hosted a weekend training where all the attendees that showed up knew about it in April and May.

Because I wanted to only have 100% committed people attend, I asked that everyone stay at the hotel.

All but one did and when I called him out on it, every excuse under the sun was given. He knew exactly what he did was against being 100% committed but he literally cried because he got caught.

The person who invited him denied the whole thing happened. She chose be an accomplice with assisting the person to be a 99%er and denied that too.

So, How Do You Deal with 99%ers?

I’m 100% committed to my success. In other areas of my life I’d be lying if said I was 30% committed because I don’t care about some areas right now.

When you give it your all and do everything you can to have the expectation you found the right people who are also 100% invested, it’s devastating to find out you failed at recruiting the right people.

What I’ve been told to do is to let them know my expectations of them and inform them of what they can expect from me. That didn’t work.

I was also told to make everything very clear so there are no questions. No one had questions. I ever asked a trusted confidant who commended me on making everything extremely simple. Still had them slip through the cracks.

Reading in numerous places, don’t have such high expectations of people. Don’t have such high expectations of yourself. Why not?

Yes, it’s emotionally taxing at times but I personally believe I’m capable of surrounding myself with 100%ers, not 99%ers.

What I’m Doing Different

This summer I had to work with 99%ers because I didn’t do my job qualifying the right people. After a lot of experiments and very little research, my thoughts and actions have changed.

When I notice a 99%er, I’m calling them out on it now. Trying to be as tactful and professional as possible, I bring to their attention that they’re not giving it their all after they promised they would.

It doesn’t matter if I’m the leader or just a bottom-rung volunteer, there are boundaries in my life that are being enforced and not being 100% committed has skyrocketed to the top of Enforcement.

By allowing it to happen once after noticing something that goes against a prior decision you made, you’re training your subconscious that it’s okay and your word to yourself means nothing.

My conscious-subconscious relationship is a lot better since August. Every time I notice something that goes against a boundary decision I’ve made previously, I confront it.

After it’s all said and done, it’s so refreshing to know that I just stood up for what I want my world to be!


Call up someone you told were 100% committed but were only 99% committed and apologize for not being fully invested. This will go a long way for your psyche and the relationship!

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