Everyone has an idea of their “Dream Life” – you do too!

How many people do you think wake up everyday with the enthusiasm to pursue their dreams?

You are not alone if your dream life seems a little out of reach.  There was a time when I was extremely depressed because I was living the dreams other people had for me.

This is your life and your life alone.  You are able to be any and everything that you want to after you get out of bed!

As you will read below, YOU and only YOU are responsible for manifesting your dreams.  You may be blaming others or making excuses for not pursuing or living your dreams.

In reality, these 5 little-known factors that could affect your dreams lay all the responsibility on you.

1. Your Thoughts

Your thoughts are the starting point for everything that you produce in your life.  Positive thoughts produce positive outcomes, negative thoughts produce negative outcomes.

Expectancy Theory states that you get what you expect – if you expect to not get the job, chances are that you won’t get the job.  If you expect to be a best-selling author, you will eventually be a best-selling author.

Being a pessimist or an optimist is a state-of-mind that you choose to live. All of your dreams and goals are determined by this starting point, your thoughts.

2. Your Decisions

The decisions that you make on a daily basis all come from your thoughts. The decisions you make determine where you will spend your time.  Are you making the choice to watch TV or embark on result producing activities?

Whether you stay in bed all day or go out networking, you are saying “Yes” to one thing and instantly saying “No” to millions of other choices you could have made.  In order to understand this concept more in depth, a book that was recommended to me by the Napoleon Hill Foundation, is to read The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson.

3. Your Actions

After your thoughts determine the decisions you make, you must now put it into action.  Talking is so easy that billions of people do it; acting on your ideas, dreams, and goals is something that only a small percentage actually do.

Schoolhouse Rock said “Knowledge is Power!” Sorry to say that is a lie.  Action and action alone is true power.

You can know every fact in the world and still do nothing with your life or you can be a grade school dropout and change the world with your actions. It is your choice.  The best advice to get into action everyday is to simply, Eat That Frog!

4. Your Surroundings

You are the average of the five people you hang out with most!  Once I realized how true this was, I know longer speak to one side of my family because they are negative alcoholics.

I also stopped hanging out with all my friends and began going to networking groups I found on meetup. You can also look at your walls, mirrors, technology backgrounds, car dashboard, etc. to see what you are feeding your mind everyday.

Put notes and pictures in places that you will constantly see which will inspire your thoughts and motivate you to action.  What you surround yourself with; images, people, audio, etc. have a direct affect on you accomplishing your dreams.

5. Your Knowledge

Knowledge helps you make decisions – nothing more, nothing less.  Many people get caught up here thinking they need to learn more before pursuing their dream.  Know that no matter how much you read and study, you will never know everything.

Once you have the basics down, that is when you act.  There are two types of knowledge, classroom and the real world.  Classroom knowledge will help get a grade, you can teach with it, and you can converse with it but rarely will ever use it.

Real world knowledge comes from you actually doing it, from failing.  When you have real world knowledge, you will gain a deeper understanding and know how to troubleshoot.  Gain the knowledge that you need, then act!

What suggestions would you like to share?

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