7 Secrets to Getting Good Grades is not really a secret – especially since everyone has the ability to get good grades. EVERYONE!

UPDATE: (post written in 2014 – and by 2015 my perception changed because I started learning real world facts.

Drop Out Immediately!

I graduated college with honors and on the deans list because I followed three rules:

  1. If I wasn’t high or drunk, I skipped class
  2. If I missed my morning class, I enjoyed the day at the bars
  3. Outsource the bullshit classes to people who loved that subject
    (aka, I cheated in school, but in the real world, delegation is an extremely valuable skill to have)

This is literally how I graduated with honors. That’s how useless and worthless college is.

Don’t be stupid, Drop out now!

The worst things adults do is tell someone:

  • You have a leaning disability
  • You are not smart enough
  • You struggle in school

What a crock – this is bull!

If you believe them, of course they are right!

If you believe you can get good grades, you will get good grades because you will release that baggage and apply yourself more.

  • Study more
  • Do your homework
  • Talk to your teacher
  • Get a tutor
  • Seek other outside help

What does “Good Grades” mean?

  • This is different for everyone!
  • You have to determine what good grades are
  • Here is a tip:
    • Are you happy with your grades right now?
    • Determine what GPA will make you happy
      • Add 5% to that and make that your goal
      • You will hit your goal which you set before you added the % you chose
        • The power of belief goes a long way

SECRET 1 – Believe You Can

Do not ever think that you are:

  • Dumb
  • Incapable of learning
  • Have a learning disability
  • Since you have no family support, you will fail
  • Because you have done poorly in the past, this will continue into the future

As I mentioned above, the power of belief is extremely pertinent in any task that you do.

SECRET 2 – Show Up

Eighty percent of success is showing up.”  – Woody Allen

When you show up to class, you will be there for:

  • Pop quizzes
  • Homework announcements
  • Note taking
  • Extra credit opportunities
  • Suggestions on how to study

SECRET 3 – Do Extra Credit

  • Every chance you get
    • Even if you do not want to do it
    • Even if you are getting the grade you want
  • Help with extra preparation of tests

SECRET 4 – Get On Your Teacher’s Good Side

  • Say Hello
  • Smile
  • Be friendly
  • Shake their hand every time you see them
  • Show them respect
    • Even if you do not get it in return
  • Sit in the front row
  • Do not be paranoid that they are out to get you
  • Be nice to them
  • Kissing up is the smart thing to do

SECRET 5 – Be Consistent All Year

  • Do not slack at the end of the semester
  • Study for finals
  • Make sure all your homework is turned in
  • Your finals are just as important as everything leading up to them

SECRET 6 – Gather Your Resources

  • Get others involved in helping you get good grades
    • Teachers
    • Friends
    • Parents
    • Counselors
    • Mentors
    • Coaches

SECRET 7 – Develop Smart Study Habits

  • Eat Right
    • Not only is eating important, what you eat can work for or against you
  • Find a quite, distraction free, room
    • Library
    • Office
    • Bedroom
  • Set Time Aside
    • Get into a routine based about your activities
    • Take breaks
  • Organization
    • Focus on what is due tomorrow
    • Do little chunks at a time for tests and big projects
  • Scan, Read, Drill
    • Scan (10 minutes)
      • Make metal notes of:
        • Main Headings
        • Key Points
        • Key People
        • Key Words
        • Key Dates
        • Review Questions
    • Read (30 minutes)
      • Read the chapter
      • Read any notes you took
    • Drill (20 minutes)
      • Give yourself a test
      • Answer chapter questions
      • Make up your own Q&A from:
        • Notes
        • Vocabulary
        • Questions from teacher

What study tips do you have?

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