10 Ways to Think Positive Which You Don’t Know…Yet!

Lucas J. Robak

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On March 13, 2017 my first article in a large publication was released on Thrive Global10 Easy Ways to Think Positive!

Since I was first diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) in 2014, I never once perceived it as something negative. Years before I attempted suicide due to severe depression brought on by MS but it was my thoughts alone that changed my world.

How did I go from the lowest point someone can reach to seeing a debilitating disorder as something positive?

I don’t recommend this but I didn’t take anti-depresents nor did I talk to a psychologist for longer than a few weeks. This happened in part because I couldn’t find the right therapist which my insurance covers. If your insurance covers therapy, definitely go no matter how joyful you may be. They’re smart individuals who want to help you overcome life’s challenges.

Think Positive

You too have the power to think yourself happy, healthy, and wealthy. But will you do it? The major majority of people who obtain this information will never do anything with it–hopefully you’re not like them and will make the decision to change your life just like I did.

Below is a short list of things to do to think positive. If you want to learn more about each point, then read the Thrive Global article, 10 Easy Ways to Think Positively!

  1. Use the word, “Cancel” or any variation thereof
  2. Carry around a gratuity stone
  3. Wear a rubber band, bracelet, or a piece of jewelry as a reminder
  4. Post reminder notes in all the key places in your environment
  5. Repeat affirmations all day long
  6. Eliminate the news and other negative media
  7. Surround yourself with happy and positive people
  8. Take 100% responsibility for you life and results
  9. Seek out the good and positive in everything and everyone
  10. Each morning set a daily intention

Actionable Items

  1. Find a little stone to carry around
  2. Wear a bracelet
  3. Hang reminder notes to think positive
  4. Create a list of affirmations
  5. Sell your TV
  6. Find a positive group of friends
  7. Focus only on the good
  8. Meditate

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