In August 2017 I proved how basic and simple it is to become a bestselling author and stay on the charts for over two weeks!

An article I published on LinkedIn gives you a ten step checklist to become a bestselling author.

You’re also able to get the very detailed checklist I use from Authorpreneur Academy.

Below is an image of Dr. Tony Piparo from The Peak Solution. In early 2017 his son committed suicide which instantly changed his focus in life.

Dr. Piparo is now raising money and awareness for suicide prevention with his internationally bestselling book and Amazon #1 New Release!

Becoming a Bestselling Author

In April of 2017 Dr. Piparo asked me how he was able to get the media’s attention to further his goals.

He’s planning a fundraiser to be held in August 2018 and starting a nonprofit; getting the media behind you is important if these are your goals!

I mentioned to him that being a published author is your ticket in to any door. It’s even better if you’re a bestselling author. In less than six months, he hustled to publish the book by September 2017.

After putting it on Amazon, not even 48 hours went by before he became an internationally bestselling author and was named Amazon’s #1 New Release.

What’s funny about Dr. Piparo and my story about becoming a bestselling author is that we didn’t do that much in order to achieve it! Yes, there was a lot involved but we both skipped things and didn’t do the best in most areas.

Quick Bestselling Author Checklist

  1. Put book on Amazon in obscure categories
  2. Get book reviews
  3. Pick a launch date and promote it
  4. Take a screenshot when you’re a bestseller
  5. Thank everyone and brag about your accomplishment

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