Having a content creation calendar is your guide to unlimited wisdom sharing. You know more information than you realize.

With this technique, you’ll be offering your knowledge without skipping a beat.

A content calendar is a plan of all your posting activities. The benefit is visually seeing how your content is planned throughout a specific duration.

After more than enough research and experimenting on this topic, this is the simplest way to develop your Content Creation Calendar to use for years to come!

1) The Initial Brain Dump

Without overthinking this, just list everything you know. Each point should be no longer than a couple words.

It can be as vague as “Book Publishing” to being very detailed like “Self-Publishing on IngramSpark.” List everything you know which pertains to what it is your doing it for.

Since I’m a bit extreme and always remind myself the average person wouldn’t go this far, I keep going. Personally, I recommend brain dumping until you come up with at least 1,000 topics.

2) The Spider Web Theory

This is something I made up which makes sense in this context. After the brain dump phase is complete, categorize everything.

What point is the overall category? Which points are sub-topics of that category?

After organizing all your thoughts appropriately, use lines to “connect the dots” and determine what can be related to each other.

This is so that when you’re educating on one topic, you already know which points you’re going to be linking within it.

As you probably noticed, within my 30-day Blogging Challenge, I haven’t done this that well because I haven’t planned anything out for this other than coming up with something completely new every day.

But that link you see, that’s the idea of “The Spider Web Theory;” interconnecting all the content you have.

3) Down the Rabbit Hole

No matter what topic it is you start with, that can take you down a rabbit hole. You can choose to keep going deeper and more detailed on just one subject.

Also, every link on my website will one day be to another article on my website rather than referring to Wikipedia or another source.

Think of a health & wellness website or service provider. Out of all the different professions and topics, let’s use diet as an example.

There are how many different types of diets to talk about? Within that diet there are how many different ingredients to educate on?

By starting with overly vague, start your journey down the rabbit hole by getting deeper and more detailed.

You can do this by taking each individual point from your brain dump and starting the brain dump all over again based on that one specific sub-topic. Then you can do that again and again with every single point you write on your page.


Your content creation calendar will be completed within the next 30 days. It will take time and will take a lot of thinking brain power.

Carry something with you as well to capture your thoughts throughout the day because you’ll be constantly coming up with amazing things to educate others on.

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