Forming good habits takes work wen compared to developing the bad ones.

Habits are caused by constantly repeating the same action and/or thought process over and over.

Depending upon the person and ease of the habit, a habit can be picked up instantly or take weeks to form.

Habits can form just by your thought process alone but this takes more time than actually acting upon your desired habit.

A habit is your unconscious (subconscious) acting in accordance with the directions you gave it at a previous time.  You may not even know what your habits are until someone tells you.

This way of thinking is called a Paradigm which you can choose to change by making a Paradigm Shift!

By catching yourself thinking or acting against what you want, Laurel Mellin advice is, stop, ask yourself “How am I feeling? What do I need?” This helps you form reasonable expectations for yourself instead of indulging yourself in your self destructive habit.

How do habits affect your life?

When you have developed a habit, it determines what you will do in certain situations.

A habit is not like an addiction.

With a habit, you can overcome it when you need to to live your life. An addiction controls you and comes first in your decision process.

When you have a bad habit of coming home after school and playing video games until dinner, you just wasted hours of your life that could have been productive with homework, hobbies or a personal project that you could have done.

By creating good habits you can:

This is your life:

  • Figure out the habits you do not want.
  • Decide what good habit you would like to replace the bad
  • Act on your decision and change your life today

Research shows that it takes 21-30 days to make or break a habit, depending upon the research you read.

I have also heard from a few psychologists that that is false.  It takes people 21-30 days for their mind to accept the new behavior as a habit.  When in actuality, it only takes a blink of an eye to make/break a habit.

The power of your mind is fabulous.

If this is something that interests you, read about NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) or attend a seminar – make sure to say Lucas Robak referred you.  Dr. Matt James is very classy, very smart and will educate you about the mind that most people do not know.

What current habits do you have that you would like to stop or change?

What do you want to see happen?

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