How often do you tell yourself, “I AM Beautiful?”

If this is a statement you don’t currently believe to be true about yourself, it’s vital you repeat these three words thousands of times a day until it becomes true to you.

We’re all beautiful people. The issue with this conceded world that we live in, society and the media trains us to believe that there’s only physical beauty – this isn’t the case.

To unlearn the status quo mentality, affirmations are a sure way to undo everything you don’t like.

No need to blame yourself for being born and being raised the way you were. It’s now up to you to become the person you desire becoming.

When you know for a fact that the statement, “I AM Beautiful” is true to you, others will being to see it as well.

Your actions will change and you’ll start attracting all those who know this to be true about you.

I AM Beautiful

I AM Beautiful Affirmations

True beauty comes from within, it’s how we present ourselves to the world. By seeing your true inner grace, when you look in the mirror, you’ll see how gorgeous you actually are.

Personality will always transcend outer appearances.

Here is a small list of other affirmations relating to being a beautiful person:

  • I am beautiful
  • I am confident
  • I am worthy
  • I am beautiful on the inside and out
  • I am healthy and attractive
  • I am seeing true beauty in myself

Bob Proctor from “The Secret

Come up with three short “I AM” affirmations to repeat over and over again until you not only begin to believe it, you start acting like it!

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Share in the comments below what’s one affirmation you’ll tell yourself!

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