Instead of using your intuition, you could be choosing to be in denial which leads to an alternative reality.

An alternative reality enables you to believe there’s no way you can change your current circumstances.

Once becoming aware of this, you’ll have gained the power to take back control of your thoughts, actions, and results.

Events + Response = Outcome (E+R=O)

Everything you experience in life (O) – both internally and externally – is the result of how you have responded (R) to a previous event (E).”

Those who disagree:

  • Don’t have the life they want
  • Get frustrated
  • Are angry
  • Feel out of control

Anyone Who Says…Are in Denial

  • “It is not my fault”
  • “I can not do that. I’m not talented enough”
  • “I would have succeeded if other people did their job”
  • “If I had better teachers I would be getting better grades”

External Signs

  • Parents warned you
  • Friends warned you
  • Keep getting unwanted results

Internal Signs

  • Butterfly feeling in your gut
  • Inner voice telling you something is not right

These signs give us time to correct our response (R) to the event (E) that life has given us so that we can achieve our desired outcome (O).

To change the outcome (O) that you are currently getting, you will have to change how you are responding (R) to the events (E) that are happening in your life.

What’s your experience of someone who blames everyone else but themselves?

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