Your life is your life, no one else’s. Live life to the fullest!

No one will do your push-ups for you.

You are the only person who ever was and ever will be who gets to live your life day-after-day with your feelings, thoughts and passions.

Your life is yours and yours alone.

Before you are even born your parents probably already have hopes and dreams set aside for you to take.  Most parents are reliving their childhood through their own kids and this alone is extremely detrimental to anyone’s hopes and dreams.

You are no longer living your life, you are living your parents.

They may have decided that you are going to:

  • Be a doctor/lawyer
  • Run the family business
  • Go to College
  • Go to Graduate School
  • Where a certain style of clothes
  • Date a particular person
  • Play a specific instrument

If you allow others to make the decisions for you, you will be living their life for them and will be unhappy because you are not living the life you want to live.

Who cares about someone who is passionate about your dreams and desires they created for you.  They do not matter at all.  The only thing that matters is how passionate you are for your own dreams and desires.

Donald Trump said:

Nothing extraordinary has been accomplished without the presence of an immense personal passion.”

Spend time on things that interest you – something that you choose to do.  You need to be excited about what you do!

To accomplish something amazing, you should be:

  • Genuinely curious
  • Enthusiastic
  • Passionate

Your brain will believe whatever it hears over and over again.

By listening to people who are against your passion, the result is that you will be doing things you don’t want to do just to please other people who don’t really matter to your life.

Who do you need to stop listening too?

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