This NLP technique helps individuals shift their ideas about something minor like how much they like something and/or how important something is to them.  It is really useful for food, drinks and tobacco.

Imagine being on a diet but there is always one food that you go back too, lets say it is chocolate chip cookies.  You can use this technique of mapping across to dislike it as much as…lima beans or cow tongue.

The same goes for soda, tobacco and anything else that you “like” but do not want to like any more.

The best results come when you get as specific as possible rather than the general category that it is in.  For example, chocolate chip cookies works better than cookies.  Smoking your Newport Kings is more specific than smoking a cigarette.

The intensity of what you dislike is important. If your response to something that you dislike is “meh”, and your mapping across to that the result that you will get is “meh” and you will continue on with that behavior.

It is vital to go as quickly as possible during the elicitation process. Faster is better!

Location and Associated vs. Dissociated submodalities will be the drivers most often.  Since the driver is the location in most instances, if both internal representations are in the same location, find a different item to use for the “dislike” picture.

This process does NOT switch, change or alter the item that they dislike.  Once you elicit the drivers from the “dislike” picture, it is no longer needed since you only used it for a reference point.

What do you like that you want to dislike?

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