In 2012 after reading a Jack Canfield book, I decided anyone can write a book with blank pages. Well, 3-4 years later, I wrote a workbook series based on quotes — no blank pages!

It started out as just one book, then it turned into a series. After talking with some best-selling authors, I spent time replacing a lot of the quotes with more people who were living. This went on for years. Surveys of what the title should be. Surveys on what the cover should look like. In the end, it all changed anyway!

Master Your Life using Transformational Quotes Workbook Series will be released in mid-November of 2016.

I love quotes!

Click the link above to learn more about what this series will do for you. My editor alone has said that she was inspired to do things different after editing the whole series. You can read her testimonial by clicking the link above as well.

While working on this series, publishing my children’s book, running my nonprofit, and getting trained in NLP, I broke a few copyright laws with images and shut my whole blog down. I finally have it back up but with no images. One day Ill create the time to add images to it again, but for now, the content is still awesome!

Stick around, soon I’ll be sharing a free downloadable version of this workbook series. You’ll also get invites to attend complimentary webinars and conference calls.

With all of my mistakes over the last few years, I have learned so much and can’t wait to share it with you on my blog here.

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