My next upcoming book, The One Minute Authorpreneur, is the first edition in a never-ending series of books.

Within each publication you’ll learn how to write, publish, launch, and leverage a book as your best marketing asset to catapult any business or idea you have.

By using a book as a marketing tool, your best asset you’ll have, you can leverage it in many different ways to achieve whatever your desires are.

Since very few people in this world are authors, you instantly separated yourself from everyone else and positioned yourself as the subject matter expert.

Just think of this, “How many authors do you know? What do you think of those people who are authors?”

As an authorpreneur, selling books isn’t important when compared to how the book sells you.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, speaker, coach, trainer/consultant, small-medium size business, large corporation, nonprofit, school, networking group, salesforce, or multi-level marketing (MLM); a book will undeniably become your most effective mechanism for ample growth.

Best Reasons to Become an Authorpreneur


  • Credibility
  • Authority
  • Expert Status
  • Influencer Status
  • Increased Trust
  • Exposure/Visibility
  • Increase Your Fees


  • Hot Leads
  • High Paying Clients
  • Speaking Engagements
  • Consulting Contracts
  • Media Interviews
  • Lucrative Opportunities
  • Local & National Influencers

What’s an Authorpreneur?

Looking at the word entrepreneur, Merriam-Webster defines it as “one who organizes, manages, and assumes the risks of a business or enterprise.”

Merriam-Webster then defines author as, “the writer of a literary work (such as a book), one that originates or creates something, capitalized.”

Bringing them together, my evolving definition of an authorpreneur is;

“one who leverages their book as a tool to open doors, attract more business, more opportunities, and to cross promote all other products and services. They use their credibility, authority, and expert status to build a life of their dreams by using a printed book as their catalyst for unimaginable success.”

People I’ve Interviewed for The One Minute Authorpreneur

The One Minute Authorpreneur Table of Contents

1: Shift Happens, Now
2: The Spoon Theory
3: Becoming Aware
4: Starting Strategy
5: Don’t Write, Create
6: Converting Readers
7: Centrifugal Funnel
8: Putting It All Together
9: Bestselling Authorpreneur
10: Leveraging Power Tools
11: Speaking Publicly
12: Winners Mentality, Not Whiners
13: Authorpreneurshipification
BONUS: Securing Reviews

My Favorite Chapter (Lesson 7: Centrifugal Funnel)

Not to long ago I wrote to articles about this chapter which has more information than you’ll find here. The first is Centrifugal Funnel! What is it and How To Create it! The other is 8 Ways the Pros Use a Book to Build Business.

After many conversations, interviews, trainings, reading books, experimenting on my own, and experimenting with my clients with their approval, I couldn’t help but think of how to visually see a book as a Centrifugal Funnel.

Authorpreneurs are one of the few who are capable of creating a Centrifugal Funnel with just one product. My definition of a Centrifugal Funnel is;

An asset, which at any phase of business automatically promotes your other products and services. Whether it’s at the top, middle, or bottom of a sales funnel, it’s a lead generator for everything in your repertoire. It’s a tool that can be used in conjunction with your other products and services. Being the glue that keeps everything you do together, it serves the right person at the right time without having to go through the traditional funneling process to get from point A to point Q.

When you have a book that relates to your business, it most definitely will attract business whether you use it as a marketing tool or a product.

Use your book as a Centrifugal Funnel and cross promote as described in this chapter! There are eight ways you can use your book as a revenue generator and business builder

BONUS Reading

There’s also a few articles on my LinkedIn account which you may be interested in which directly relate to the chapters above:

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9: Easily Become a Bestselling Author
Relates to the Book as a Whole: Easily Bypass Gatekeepers

Actionable Item

Download your FREE chapter because you’ll receive great information and discounts. If you want to become an author, do it, just start. If you want to save yourself a lot of energy, time, and money, fill out Authorpreneur Academy‘s application today.

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