It’s the Worst Book Ever Written

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Worst Book Ever Written

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It's The Worst Book Ever Written - Lucas J. Robak

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Sunday August 6th, 2017

“Worst Book Ever Written” Reviews!
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Dull and pointless. The author seems to have the intelligence level of an inbred monkey toddler. I’d rather rub onions in my eyes while being set on fire than read this so called “book” ever again. – JC


This book caused my divorce and the literacy equivalent of Herpes. – David V.


If coherence is a must look elsewhere. English must have been a struggle for this author . Even caveman drawings have deeper and more thoughtful plots and themes. – Aaron C.


I lost IQ points as I read. Thank goodness it was only twenty-five pages. – Lisa


Don’t waste you money!! It is the worst book ever! – Kathlen O.


Worst excuse for a book ever. I do NOT recommend this book! – Nathan S.


This book truly deserves it’s name. Staring into the pit uf evil that is this book will immediately give you explosive diarrhea. The fel curse that is this book could only have come from the pus oozing from a pimple on Satan butt cheek. Do not under any circumstances put this book on a shelf with other books! I put this on a shelf full of Shakespeare and it all turned into poetry written by lovesick 13 year old girls. Save yourself! Run! run for the hills! If you ever accidentally happen to glance at this book you must immediately gouge out your eyes and perform a ritual cleansing by doing the hokey-pokey backwards lest you too suffer the dire consequences of becoming addicted to collecting 13th century Moldavian swimwear! – Amazon Customer


To say this is the worst book is an understatement. This is, by far, the most ridiculous, worthless, painstakingly bland, myopia-inducing, piece of pseudo-literature to ever even be fathomed. Reading this book felt like showing up to your family’s Thanksgiving dinner with the 7th tub of mac and cheese. Reading this book was more torturous than being a naked victim placed in a metal room with a sandpaper conveyor belt floor for 30 days where the floor moves slowly 24/7 and you’re forced to walk consistently to avoid being scraped. If an agency was looking for the best method for torturing terrorists, I would simply tell them to read this book to the terrorists. I am no longer able to produce offspring due to my reading of this book. This book ruined my future and essentially ended my future child’s life before it began. If this book were a person, it’d be on death row and request a liverwurst sandwich with extra mayonnaise, crust snipped off the multigrain bread. It’s THAT bad. Please don’t read this book, your life is something worth cherishing. You don’t deserve this sort of punishment. – Neg.