I’ve been learning ways to integrate wellness in life and a moment of clarity woke me up to what’s required to instill health & wellness in life.

Being an organizer for The Wellness Fair makes it easy for me to receive a wide array of learnings within a plethora of health topics. Almost selling it because of my low level of energy due to multiple sclerosis (MS), I am now more passionate about this area of life than ever.

As you read this please don’t think I’m perfect in it. I don’t do everything I should, but I know the knowledge and plan on this being my reality.

Before being diagnosed with MS, and before becoming an organizer for The Wellness Fair, I was a life coach and a certified Master NLP Practitioner. During those trainings, Dr. Matt taught us about the different areas of wellness and how they’re all integrated as one.

Once you have a sense of how you can live in harmony by being happy and fulfilled, the good life is right around the corner. Don’t be like me and wait until it’s to late before beginning, start immediately.


I’ve been told that we’re spiritual beings inside an human body; not human beings with a spiritual sense. Even though I was born and raised catholic, I believe this. If you’re religious, think of Energy as your God.

Quantum mechanics proves that every is energy all the way down to it’s very core; which is also energy. Because of today’s wonderful technology, scientists were also able to prove our different thoughts give out different vibrations of energy in the for of brain wavelengths.

Think of magnets. The positive and negative side of them give off different energy and attract to them the appropriate wavelength. When we tune into a radio station, we set it up to a certain wavelength. That is all energy.

Increase Your Energy: Meditate


This area is our conscious minds. The part of our thinking which we are 100% aware of. When we’re reading, doing affirmations, learning a new skill, etc., we’re using our conscious mind.

Only about 10% of everyday do we actually use our conscious minds. Bob Proctor states most of us never really think, we have brain activity, but there are no controlled thoughts. Are current thinking is what creates our results.

Since we have the natural ability to control our thoughts, we can control our life. The thoughts we choose to have create our paradigm within our subconscious. That paradigm is what creates emotions.

Increase Your Mental Faculties: Read one of my Top 150 Recommended Books


We all experience a variety of emotions every day. From happy to sad, angry to loved, and many more. These feelings we experience are from our own free will.

Why does one person get angry they’re stuck in traffic while another person in the same traffic jam is happy? We must become more responsible for our emotions because they determine our actions.

Emotions are a subconscious response which is a learned. To control your emotions, control your thoughts. 77% of people who regularly experience physical symptoms caused by stress. By controlling your emotions, you can control your physical health.

Controlling Your Emotions: Breathing


There are two parts of the Physical; the body and the world. Our physical body is the result of our emotions. The physical world results we live in comes from our actions.

To improve our physical body would look like someone who is practicing more than just eastern medicine. By improving our diets, exercising, meditating, and treating our whole self as a temple, our physical health will drastically improve. By improving your physical body, you will improve the physical world.

Over the years, our decisions and actions are all summed up into our physical world. From the house you live in, the relationships you have, to the money in your bank account; everything you’ve done adds up to create “Your World.”

Improving Both Physical Worlds: Improve your diet and exercise


To obtain wellness in life, just pick just one tiny little thing to improve and focus on turning it into habit within the next 90 days. Take your time and only do one thing at a time so you can be more confident it will turn into a life long habit.

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