Have you ever wondered why some people have a happy life but when you look at their life you actually feel bad for them?

Have you ever met someone who’s depressed when their life appears to be glorious?

I’ve tried killing myself a few times over the decades.

It wasn’t until I started following Bob Proctor, Jack Canfield, Louise Hay, David Schwartz, Joseph Murphy, Napoleon Hill, and a lot more that you can find in my recommended book list that my life started to change.

Knowing that happiness, joy, excitement, anger, sadness, fear, etc. are all figments of our imaginations, this ‘knowing’ will empower you to thinking yourself into a happy life!

A while back I published an article on Thrive Global and have a page in my children’s book, “I AM Happy” about this topic of thinking yourself into a happy life. After reading this article, check those two out as well.

How I Think Myself Into a Happy Life

In the article on Thrive Global I lay out five simple ways to start thinking happier.

Click the link the previous sentence in you want to learn more in depth knowledge about each of the points laid out below;

  1. Control Your Thinking
  2. Practice Constant Gratitude
  3. Discover and Live Your Purpose
  4. Chase Your Dreams

Notice that there are only four points when the article title says there should be five – oops! The fifth point to live a happy life is to become selfishly selfless!

Become Selfishly Selfless

Sometimes you have to be selfish to be selfless.
~ Edward Albert

When you do good onto others you naturally will feel better about yourself. Whether it’s volunteering for a good cause you support, donating money, or even holding the door open for someone, these actions produce positive feelings.

The act of selflessness is extremely selfish. People go out of their way to help others because it serves them in one way or another. I do this too.

When I go to the post office or any other place where a lot of people are walking in and out, I’ll stand there for a few minutes holding the door open and give everyone a big smile – I feel great doing this!

Actionable Items

Help someone carry their groceries or hold the door open for someone.

Do something incredibly nice for someone today and you’ll start noticing that you can live a happy life just by changing your actions…and your thoughts!

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