There are so many ways to get your life on track.  It may seem overwhelming when you look at all your options.

The best way, from my own experience and what every success book facts, is to not only find your purpose in life, but to live your passion daily.

If everyone lived their passion, we would have a perfect world.

Do yourself and the world a favor and put some time into this list and check it off as you accomplish them.

  • Believe that you have a purpose in this life
    • We all find our purpose in different ways and at different times
  • Set time aside to think about what you want most in life
    • Especially when life gets crazy busy
  • Appreciate the fact that all you have are TODAY’s and there is no time like the present to begin
    • Yesterdays are learning experiences
    • Tomorrows will never come
  • Develop a purpose that inspires daily action
  • Understand that your purpose only needs to be exciting. Does not have to be extravagant or complicated
  • Write down your mission statement of purpose
  • Find ways to remind yourself daily of your purpose
    • In the morning and at night are the most powerful for your unconscious mind
  • Realize that if you do not live in accordance with your purpose, you will be unfulfilled and drastically decrease your chances of becoming successful
  • Recall all the times you were happy and what you were doing
    • How do these moments show you the path to your purpose?
  • Review and rewrite your purpose statement whenever you want to stay in accordance with your inspirational feelings

Discovering and honoring their life purpose is perhaps the most important action successful people take”

You will learn more from doing than sitting in a classroom, reading and watching training videos!

When you do the things “you think” you are passionate about, you will learn if that is what you truly want to do or not.

You can have an “idea” that your passion is being a veterinarian but you will not know if this is true until you give it a try.

After testing out your passion either through volunteering or internships, you may never want to work in that field or can change your mind as to which job description you want in that field.

Instead of being a vet your passion may lie in dog grooming or breeding.  But you will never know this until you ACT.

Save yourself years in school and hundreds of thousands of dollars in college loans and figure out where your passion lies so that you get educated in the field that you will live for the next 40 years.

What other techniques do you use that will help other readers?

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