Master Your Life using Transformational Quotes Workbook Series by Lucas J. Robak

Today is 2016, I have been working on these books since 2012. Why so long?

I learned how to make great book covers, format the inside pages, learned different types of editing, realized everything I did wrong before I launched them in 2014, was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS), got side tracked with a few projects, and now I am finally releasing the workbook series officially in November 2016.

What’s within the 900-pages of this series?

Clearing out your foggy mind, become confident with the direction you know your life should go. Within each book of this series, you will receive different take-a-ways, no matter where you are in life.

Quotes are here for a reason. Stop letting them pass you by and start  reflecting on how they apply to you. Think about how they apply to your life; past, present, and future.

This workbook series uses quotes dating back thousands of years up to today.  After each quote you’re given a brief example, description, or metaphor to help guide you to think differently about it in the context of your personal life.

After each quote and description, you will be asked three powerful coaching questions to directly apply the quote in the context of your own life.  You’re able to do them alone or collaborate with other like-minded individuals.

These books will take you on a ride from firing up your passions, discovering your life purpose, developing necessary life skills to succeed, and to jumpstart you into action today!

At the end of your life don’t look back in regret. Know that this is your chance for you to make the decision to start down the path of your own journey towards maximum achievement.

Why Download Your Copy Today?

By downloading your free digital version now, you’ll receive invitations to attend complimentary webinars, conference calls, and collaborative video chats.

I would love to know your thoughts on this book – please comment below!

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