What does your passion say about you?

People are categorized into two categories:

  1. Motivated People
  2. Lazy People

The Success Principles states very clearly,

“when you know exactly what you want and you’re excited about getting it, then you will feel a new sense of motivation, drive, and energy.”

The main difference between a motivated person and a lazy person is that the lazy person does not have a goal that really inspires them.  When you are not inspired by something, you will not accomplish anything.

All successful people are clear about what they want!

All successful people know why they want it which makes them excited to go out and make it happen!

High Achievers Say:

  • Discipline and Drive are results of having a goal
  • Inspired to take action because of their goals
  • Work harder to manifest their desired outcomes
  • Persevere through the tough times when you have an end in mind

When You Discover What You Want:

  • Get motivated to make it reality
  • Deep sense of satisfaction just thinking about it
  • Gets you out of bed early to move forward with it
  • Push through challenges that would otherwise stop you if it want’t your passion
  • Give your best effort because you care more about the results

Phrases loved by life’s losers:

  • “That’s good enough”
  • “It does not really matter anyway”
  • “I do not know”
  • “I do not care”
  • “Whatever”

Remember: Everything Counts

By caring about all the little things, the big things will seem to just “fall into place”.  Everything does matter, big or small.

Questions to Ask Yourself When You Are About To Let Something Slide:

  • “If it did matter, what would I do differently?” Would you attend Breakthrough to Success?
  • “What if I did care, what would I prefer?”
  • “If I did know what I wanted, what would it be?”

Take time now to think about everything you enjoy doing!

Think of your passion … What inspires you to action?

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